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Retin-A Retin-A is an efficient treatment that represents a topical form of vitamin A. It can be used for severe cases of acne that did not respond well to other treatments (those treatments were not successful or did not produce the results the patient expected). This medicine is supposed to be first discussed with a doctor, along with any health aspects the patient thinks are important to discuss. For instance, your pregnancy may become a factor that your doctor will need to take into consideration, because there is a chance small amounts of Retin-A can be absorbed deep into the skin and affect the development and health of your child. Retin-A can also pass into breast milk, which is why its use is not recommended in patients that are nursing a child. Make sure you avoid the use of skin products that can add to the side effects Retin-A may have. You will need to avoid products with benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, resorcinol or salicylic acid. The following drugs must be reported to your doctor before they can somehow affect the efficiency of Retin-A or make you skin more sensitive to the effects of sun: tetracycline, ciprofloxacin, promethazine, perphenazine, ofloxacin, doxycycline, diuretics, minocycline, chlorpromazine, sulfa drugs, fluphenazine, demeclocycline or prochlorperazine. If there are nay other health concerns or medications you think Retin-A can interact with, you should also make sure your doctor is aware of that fact and all the necessary safety precautions are taken. In your case, those may be some tests, or your doctor will need to monitor your progress in the first few weeks.



Treatment with Retin-A is likely to take a few months. You will be able to see an improvement after 3 weeks of the treatment, as long as you continue the treatment in the way recommended and do everything your doctor instructed you to do. You should not apply the medicine to skin whose integrity has been comprised. Make sure you avid areas with irritated, broken, chapped, sunburned or just dry skin. Only a very small amount of Retin-A is required for the patient to benefit from the treatment. You will have to make sure you apply the layer of medicine once a day at bedtime. The area of the skin to which you apply the treatment should be clean and dry, as should be your hands. If you do not see an improvement after 8 weeks of regular use, make sure you contact your doctor to see if anything has to be changed about your treatment with Retin-A. Side effects are sometimes possible when you are using Retin-A. Those side effects may be the signs of your body adjusting to the treatment. There is no need to worry if all you got are such side effects as itching, redness, peeling, burning, dryness, stinging, warmth, discolored skin, swelling, irritation or tingling. In fact, there is nothing strange about the fact your skin condition gets worse after you started the treatment, because this is the kind of effect Retin-A may have on the skin sometimes. However, this means the treatment is working just fine. Any serious side effects of Retin-A will have to do with an allergic reaction to the treatment. You will have to make sure you report any of the serious side effects right away, especially swelling of the lips or tongue, trouble breathing, hives, closing of your throat or swelling of your face.

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